Thursday, November 15, 2007

Landscape Maintenance Mistakes

Photo #1 - Damage done to pavements and front entrance because either a young tree was planted in the wrong location or a seedling was allowed to grow. Result is an unhealthy tree that needed to be cut and the expense of repair of hardscape.

Mistakes? Everyone makes one, now and then. However, Landscape Maintenance Mistakes...what I've begun to term Horticultural Horrors...abound in both residential and public landscapes.

The neatnik in me wants to scurry around and fix everything I see. No, I am not setting myself up as any Horticulturally Correct Person (HCP). I just delight in advocating for plant health. Usually, maintenance mistakes lead to poor plant health.

You can read more about some of these Horticultural Horrors, what causes them and the problems arising from them in my article: Landscape Maintenance Mistakes.

Photo #2 -Damage done to city pavement by a Gleditsia triacanthos var.inermis (thornless honey locust) because the roots have girdled themselves and have no place to grow. One of a row of these trees, all causing the same problem. Even though these honey locusts are generally a good choice for urban street trees, the problem arose because there was not enough space for the roots to grow. Research of the soil and space under the street might have prevented this damage.


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