Saturday, July 25, 2009

Emily Dickinson Garden Landscape Rennovation - Amherst, MA

The Homestead, Emily Dickinson's home where she lived and wrote, when the landscaping was in its prime, ca 1860s.

Emily Dickinson Museum Landscape Renovation:Nineteenth Century Village Landscape Features Unite Historic Homes

Amherst, MA celebrates its 250th anniversary of founding in 2009 and the Emily Dickinson Garden Landscape is rennovated.

Reconstructed mid-19th century landscape features unite Poet Emily Dickinson's home The Homestead and her brother Austin's adjacent home The Evergreens in Amherst, MA.

The Evergreens - Austin Dickinson's home when the landscaping was in its prime - ca. 1870s.

The Homestead in 2004. The fence has long been removed and the original hemlock hedge has lost not only its shape but functon as well.

The Evergreens, also a 2004 view, showing overgrown hemlocks.

For more photos of the ongoing Restoraion Project access the Emily Dickinson Homestead site.


Beth said...

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Stephan L. said...

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gardenmoma said...

Stephan L. Thank you for your comment...Unfortunately with a large hedge gallons of any deer repellent would be necessary for success. I have used "Deer Off" with moderate success.

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