Friday, August 31, 2007

Pioneers of American Landscape Design

A University of VA (Charlottesville) Pavillion Garden
Inspired by Thomas Jefferson's original designs

Pioneers of American Landscape Design (2000) is a book you need to know about and own if you are at all interested in garden history and preserving cultural and garden landscapes. It is one I turn to often to check on the background of the gardens and landscape creators about which I write.

This book is a project of the
  • Natioanl Park Service Landscape Initiative
  • Library of American Landscape History
  • CATALOG of Landscape Records in the United States at Wave Hill (NY) and
  • Cultural Landscape Foundation.
According to the Cultural Landscape Foundation, The Pioneers of American Landscape Design project (and book) documents the lives and careers of people who have shaped the American landscape—not only landscape architects, but all who have played a role in creating our landscape heritage, including landscape gardeners, architects, horticulturists, nursery owners, writers, engineers, educators, cemetery designers, planners, golf course architects, and naturalists.

Although new copies (when one can find one) of Pioneers of American Landscape come with a hefty price tag, gently used copies are available through Internet book sites and independent book sellers. A copy is well worth having on your own reference book shelf.

Here are some articles about what else is on my Landscape Gardening Reference Book:

Text and photographs by Georgene A. Bramlage. 2007. Reproduction without permission

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